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Get More of What
You Want From Your Restaurant

Do you struggle with:

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Understanding your property finances?

Capturing and separating business expenses for each of the properties?

Dealing with multiple properties? 

Getting hold of your accountant?

Knowing how much tax you have to pay?

Not enough time to deal with tax bill? 

Knowing what kind of expenses you can have in your property business? 

Let us help you
make your life easier

✔ Peace of mind

✔ Pay less tax

✔ Unlimited access

Hate paperwork, receipts and
taxes? Don't worry that's what
we love. We'll take it all off your
hands so you can concentrate
on what you do best.

As your income grows so will your tax bill. However we know all the tricks in the book when it comes to saving you money (legitimately) so you get to keep more of what you earn.

Ever have a query about a new
sponsorship deal, what you can claim off your tax bill or how best to fund a new car - we've got you covered. You can call us anytime without worrying about getting a surprise bill.

What People Are Saying


''I was recommended KHAccounts by a friend of mine and I have to say I could not wish for a better account, Karolina is very good at what she does, she’s very helpful, polite, and very responsive. I would recommend KHAccounts to anyone and I will certainly use them in future.''


''Im so happy to have Karolina working on my accounts. She is very knowledgeable and reasonable too, perfect combination. She goes out of her way to help and with impressive efficiency, Would recommend her to anyone needing an accountant.''


''Best accountant ever. Together five years and never any problems. Helpful and kindly always. Definitely recommended for everyone who want easy and good service.''

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Helping you
pay less tax,
make more
and free up
more time

How you can start?


Book a call

In this call we will get to know what your biggest challenges are and what your goals are in life.


Set up a plan

We will put together a plan with you to accomplish your goals and take control of your business.


Take control of your Business

See how better accounting can set you up for success!

Which Plan is Right for You?


If you just started your journey with rental properties, the Hamlet Plan is for you will help you We’ll set up the systems you need to properly record and track your income, manage your expenses and analyze your financial reports each month to help you make strategic decisions that help you grow your business.


We’ll work together to create a plan to clean up and catch up your records. We’ll also identify the tools and information you need to use and see on a timely and consistent basis to strategically manage your business.


Your business is growing and it’s time to bring in a partner to keep up with the details, allowing you to devote your energies to other pressing matters or, imagine this!, work fewer hours in a week.